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Skipton Castle - A Complete Medieval Fortress

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Teachers' Resource Pack for Keystage 2 and 3

The 70 page Teachers' Resource Pack explores a whole range of ways in which Skipton Castle can support all areas of the National Curriculum - not just History but also important parts of the Science, Design & Technology, Geography and Art curriculum. Examining the castle is an ideal way of stimulating pupils' imaginations, so the pack also includes ideas on how the castle can be used to inspire creative work for Assemblies, English, Drama and Art.

The pack has been produced by a teacher and tested by a number of schools. It contains:

  • School visit to Skipton Castleessential background information - on Skipton Castle, the great fighting family of the Cliffords, and Medieval Heraldry

  • a rich variety of teaching ideas for use before, during and after a visit

  • ready-to-use teaching materials - visuals, tables, worksheets that can be photocopied

  • source documents

  • drawings of the castle today and as it was in Medieval times

  • plans of the castle

Four key themes are developed:

  • The castle as fortress

  • The castle as a home

  • How the castle was built and by whom

  • The art and science of Heraldry

Activities are designed to allow pupils to discover how enjoyable learning from primary sources can be. They include:

  • planning an attack on the castle in 1320 with the aid of a reconstruction drawing - in the guise of a Scottish spy who has tricked his way into the castle

  • a multi-sensory examination of the materials on site - children find, touch and record their observations on the chart provided - vocabulary given as support

  • children assume the role of a mason, carpenter or blacksmith as they discover the craftsmen and technology required to build a castle like Skipton

  • looking at Coats of Arms in the castle - an introduction to the colourful art and science of Heraldry. A template for children to design their own coat of arms is provided. Full background notes 


Skipton Castle Teacher Resource Pack 

Cost of the 70 page pack is £13.50 plus postage charges (cheques payable to Skipton Castle), or contact Ivan Ferris at Skipton Castle

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