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Skipton Castle Events  2024

Normal admissions to events apply unless stated otherwise


Good Friday Donations


Friday 29 March 2024  10am -4pm


For the 36th  year. Skipton Castle is donating all the admission charges to Martin House & St Gemma's Hospice.







Meet the Governor


Saturday 25 May 2024 Re-enactment: 10am -5pm

Sunday 26 May 2024 Re-enactment: 10am -5pm


Come and meet Sir John Mallory Governor of Skipton Castle during the English Civil War

Hear about the castle's siege and skirmishes its garrison have already fought and how the

King's cause is faring in Yorkshire








Saturday 15 June 2024 Re-enactment: 10am -5pm

Sunday 16 June 2024 Re-enactment: 10am -5pm

14 Century Castle Life

Tournee recreates life as it may have been in Skipton during the 14 Century






The Yorkshire Highwayman

Saturday 13 July 2024 Re-enactment: 10am -5pm

Sunday 14 July 2024 Re-enactment: 10am -5pm


Come and meet John Nevison one of Britain's most notorious highwaymen, a gentleman rogue supposedly nicknamed Swift Nick by King Charles II after a renowned 200 mile dash from Kent to York to establish an alibi for a robbery he had committed earlier that day.








Buckingham's Retinue 


Saturday 27 July 2024 Re-enactment: 10am -5pm

Sunday 28 July 2024 Re-enactment: 10am -5pm

Lord and Lady Clifford are hosting a weekend of events that will showcase the life and times of late medieval life. Members of the castle household will take part in friendly competition throughout the weekend, with archery contests and combat displays - make sure to cheer for your chosen champion! There will be also opportunities for audience participation in sword school and medieval dancing (no experience required!).








Flores De Chevalerie 

Saturday 10 August 2024 Re-enactment: 10am -5pm

Sunday 11 August 2024 Re-enactment: 10am -5pm

13 Century Castle Life

Flores De Chevalerie brings the 13th Century medieval tournament to life, featuring genuine competitive combat combined with historical authenticity. 

























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