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Skipton Castle - Quality Assured Visitor Attraction


Skipton Castle Events  2017




Sat 10th June Stone Carving Association: Demonstration 10am - 5pm
Sun 11th June Stone Carving Association: Demonstration 11am - 5pm

An amateur association made up of a diverse range of members from all backgrounds, who share a keen interest in the craft of stone carving, which we promote through public demonstrations and exhibitions. Members of the public will be encouraged to have a go.



Sat 24th June Re-Enactment: 1635 Household 10am - 5pm

Sun 25th June Re-Enactment: 1635 Household 11am - 5pm

Life in the 17th Century

 Journey back to the 17th Century and see a glimpse of Skipton Castle's Household life



Sat 15th July Outdoor theatre. Sir Tom Stoppard's 'Heroes' at 2pm & 6pm

                       Dean Taylor Theatre Productions presents its outdoor theatre offering for this Summer with Sir Tom Stoppard's adaptation of 'HEROES' by French Playwright George Sibleyras’.

             “Sir Tom is a true great among playwrights,” affirms actor/director Dean Taylor. “I have been a huge, huge admirer since I directed his 1990 masterpiece ARCADIA, a play I might propose as the finest piece written in the English language this last thirty years.”


HEROES:    Is a comedy set in the French countryside1959, on a terrace adorning a 'Soldiers Home for Heroes' run by the long-suffering Sister Madeline: Gustave: “I saw my chance with Madeline and biffed her one. Since then there's been a distinct coolness between us”.

                     Three old boys from the Great war - Gustave, Henri and Phillippe – with the help of a stone dog mounted on the terrace, dare to dream:

          Gustave: “ We're Crusaders, gentlemen, sabres drawn  .  .  .after tea we escape.” Beyond the poplars that stand like sentries on the distant hills lies Paradise: “At dawn we go and we're taking the dog.”

          This feel-good play enjoys a tone that made Dad's Army and Last of the Summer Wine such endearing favourites,


WHEN?:       Saturday 15th July 2017 at 2pm and 6pm


TICKETS:   Adults:  £15        Groups of 6 or over : £12.50

                     Child 6 years or younger: Free   Child 7-16 years : £8


TO BOOK:   Call: Kathleen on 01772 466 256 (Debit & Credit cards accepted)

              Book on-line  www.ticketsource.co.uk/dean-taylor-productions

                      Cash on the gate if places available.


THE EVENT;  Bring picnics, lots of wine and drinks, family and friends, something to sit on.  Let ‘HEROES’ provide the sunshine.




Sat 22nd July Re-Enactment: Buckingham's Retinue 10am - 5pm
Sun 23rd July Re-Enactment: Buckingham's Retinue 11am - 5pm

Life in the 15th Century

 On Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd July Buckingham’s Retinue will be bringing Skipton Castle to life as it may have been in the late Middle Ages, during a period known as the Wars of the Roses. In addition to our normal range of crafts, activities and displays, we will also be presenting a series of medieval judicial court scenes, based on real historical events and cases, with plenty of opportunity for audience participation!

The year is 1455, and it is Skipton’s turn to host the travelling Court of Assizes. Here, the Commissioner of the King’s Peace will pass judgement on local civil and criminal cases. However, he cannot do his job alone. We need you, the visitors to the castle, to act as the jury and decide who is responsible for the crimes!

Both days will begin with a selection of minor cases, before the main case of the day is presented. On Saturday the Commissioner will be investigating the untimely death of a man in custody, found beaten in the castle dungeon. On Sunday a fight between local nobles comes to a head when the inheritance of a large amount of money is at risk.



Sat 5th Aug Re-Enactment: Nevison the Yorkshire Highwayman 10am - 5pm
Sun 6th Aug Re-Enactment: Nevison the Yorkshire Highwayman 11am - 5pm

Meet the infamous Yorkshire Highwayman

John Nevison was a famous late 17th century Yorkshire highwayman who robbed the length of the Great North Road but especially in the northern counties. One story about him was how he was supposed to have ridden from London to York in less than a day to gain an alibi for a robbery he'd been witnessed committing.


Sat 12th Aug Re-Enactment: Trayned Bandes 10am - 5pm

Sun 13th Aug Re-Enactment: Trayned Bandes 11am - 5pm

The English Civil War

See this military unit setting up an encampment mustering their souldiers and firing their muskets




Sat 19th Aug Re-Enactment: Historia Normannis 10am - 5pm

Sun 20th Aug Re-Enactment: Historia Normannis 11am - 5pm

Bringing History to life in the 12th Century

The walls of Skipton castle will echo to the sound of swords and shields once again- but don't worry, it's only the re-enactors of Historia Normannis! Come and see medieval craftsmen demonstrating their trades, knights displaying their prowess, and ladies describing life as it would have been in the reign of Henry II. The castle itself will be the site of historic set-pieces, recreating the daily workings of a local medieval court, the furnishings of a Lord's bedchamber, and outside the walls, a working medieval siege weapon! A great day out for history enthusiasts and curious families alike- it promises to be an event not to be missed!


Sat 26th Aug Re-Enactment: The Pirate Captain 10am - 5pm

Sun 27th Aug Re-Enactment: The Pirate Captain 11am - 5pm








Normal admissions to events apply unless stated otherwise